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About Us and Real Estate Investment

Find out more about who we are and what we do in Charlotte.

The Betters Homes Team

We are a family owned and operated company in Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in home owners who are stuck in tough situations. Our primary service that we offer is quick cash purchases of homes to relive the home owner of their hardship, be it financial, overwhelming repairs, terrible tenants, or something else. We have a team of real estate and law professionals that we work with that allows us the ability to close on homes in as quick as 2 weeks.

We love houses, but most of all we love people. It is incredibly rewarding to personally relieve someone of a tremendous burden and give someone a way out. Many people aren't even aware they have any options aside from selling a house "for sale by owner" or hiring a real estate agent. The third, and best option for some, is to sell directly to a real estate investor. We know that your home, or a loved-one's home, has incredible sentimental value and this is important to us. We are able to see past the needed repairs, damage, and complications when assessing your homes true value.

Contact us today for prompt, personal, friendly, and professional analysis of your situation and your property!

I Buy Houses Fast

When you sell to us, you can expect a fast sale. Paying cash allows us to close faster than most other buyers.

I Am Personally Involved

You won't be dealing with some big corporation when selling to us. You will be dealing directly with me.

We Buy As-Is

Don't worry about making those repairs or even cleaning out that house. We will buy any house exactly the way it is.